Barrio Olas Altas, the restaurant that offers the new from old Mazatlán

Monday 17 April, 2023
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Mazatlán. – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Olas Altas? Surely you thought of the beach, tradition, fun and good seafood, a mixture that for your good luck characterizes the new Barrio Olas Altas restaurant.

This seafood restaurant brings together the charm and magic of old Mazatlán in one place; It stands out for highlighting the essence of the neighborhood and the port with its dishes. In its menu you can find the most traditional combinations of Mazatlán, those dishes that today are known for their history.

In Barrio Olas Altas you can taste everything from a duro de sierra, grilled shrimp, deviled octopus and even fresh oysters. With each bite, he promises to make his diners feel more Mazatlán than ever.

When you arrive at the restaurant, you will be greeted with a rich shrimp broth and a taste of their delicious shrimp pâté.

But you will also find a wide variety of tacos and tostadas, as well as a wide range of drinks and flavors such as the unmissable mangoneada, an exquisite combination of mango, chamoy and mezcal. And if you are looking for another alternative to lower the heat, ask for a smooth shaved ice or a plum one. Which do you like more?

The best thing is its location, Barrio Olas Altas is in the heart of Olas Altas, in front of Venadito and next to Liverpool Alley.

From its facilities, in the heart of Mazatlán, you will be able to appreciate numerous monuments, and of course, enjoy the spectacular boardwalk with its incomparable sunsets. This, together with its exclusive flavors and live music, make your visit to Barrio Olas Altas an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know the complete menu, you can look for them on their social networks, find them on Facebook as ‘Barrio Olas Altas’ or ask for more information at number 669 129 6639.

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