CNDH asks to remove old discriminatory laws on HIV

Thursday 27 April, 2023
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México City.- México’s National Human Rights Commission on Wednesday asked ten of the country’s 32 states to eliminate old laws that prohibit marriage between people “with chronic and incurable, contagious or hereditary diseases,” alleging that they could discriminate against HIV-positive people or women people living with AIDS.

The recommendation of this official entity was addressed to the leaders of the state legislatures that should comply with the call or explain why they refuse to do so.

These types of laws were once a common response to diseases little known or perceived as a way to prevent birth defects. Little by little they have been disappearing but ten states on the periphery still have them.

These states are Chiapas, Guerrero, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca in the south, Querétaro, Puebla and Guanajuato in the central region and Durango, Sinaloa and Nuevo León in the north.

The commission pointed out that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation has already ruled that any risk of contagion that could derive from contracting a marriage with a person who suffers from an infectious disease corresponds exclusively to the person who contracts the marriage.

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Source: Associated Press from El Diario on 2023-04-26 14:43:35

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