Los Elementos de Culiacán make the icebox give them up on their new EP

Thursday 27 April, 2023
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Culiacan, Sinaloa. For the group Los Elementos de Culiacán, what they are currently most interested in is continuing to make music, and for this reason they have released the single The cooler gives me the title of his new EP that will be released on April 28, and which includes eight songs, under the production of JG Music.

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In the words of Fermín Sapién, drummer of the group, The cooler gives me It’s a topic that many people can identify with. “He talks about a person who when you have everything you have plenty of friends, you have everything left over, but when you have nothing nobody comes close to you and well, the cooler gives you more, you are drinking alone,” says the musician, in addition to thanking the reception which has had the song in its first month of release.

The theme joins six totally unpublished songs and a cover of If it’s true that you’re leaving, a romantic ballad that comes with tuba.


Since its inception, the characteristic style of the group, made up of Bogar Rogelio Cuén, in the sixth bass and first voice; Saúl Pérez Ayón, on the accordion; Fermín Sapién, on drums, and Samuel Pérez Parra, on bass and second voice, are the corridos. However, they have always tried to do it with respect and in the old fashioned way.

“The corridos have always been our line, but like before, telling the story of a man, how he got ahead. Our partner Alfonso Payán is the main composer, the one who gives us all the songs. Our corridos line is a little healthier, it doesn’t magnify the bad, we handle a very light line”, adds Fermín.

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Currently, the corrido genre, generally criticized and seen as minor, has also gained international relevance thanks to celebrities such as Featherweight. The group celebrates this expansion. “We think it’s very cool, because we hadn’t seen this and now the ranchero and corrido groups have a better opportunity to achieve something this big,” says Bogar Rogelio.

Finally they say they are excited about their growth as a group. “From being entertaining parties, 15 years, weddings, it is a drastic change to be serving people who come especially to see you, to sing the songs, the corridos that they like, one feels excited to see that people chant your songs, that get emotional, that sometimes they even cry. Whether it’s 100, 5,000 or 20,000 people, but seeing that people are going to see you is a source of pride, a big step,” shares Sapién.

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