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Friday 28 April, 2023
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Adanowsky presents his new album The Fool, in which he had collaborations with Beck and Karen O, voice of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Adán Jodorowsky is once again Adanowsky and to celebrate his44th birthday next October, he is preparing a show at the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in which he will present his new production The Fool with songs in English, Spanish and French.

With this album , with which he returns after nine years of putting composition aside , the musician pays tribute to his father Alejandro Jodorowsky, to whom he dedicates a song that bears his name and that he co-wrote with David Aguilar. .

Adanowsky says that from his father, a writer, filmmaker and psychomagician , he inherited that irrational attitude of going against conventionalism, logic, what is already established, to make a difference without forgetting nature.

“One does not need to take drugs , drink alcohol or be addicted to the unhealthy to go in search of life, of happiness. The good life is not in the city, it is in the countryside, which gives an ecstasy of tranquility. Madness also benefits talent, creativity and good things”, explains the author in a meeting with the media.

“I lived in France for many years –in fact, he was born in Paris-, and when I live in Mexico City, the first thing I come across is the word ‘right now’, which means that everything you ask for has a wait. And that’s why Mexico had its golden age in the pictorial arts of surrealism, ”he adds, speaking standing up to his interlocutors.

In the Universal Music auditorium , turning his back on the cover of his new album, produced by Víctor Mechanik, Adanowsky spoke of the losses he has faced in recent months, such as the sudden death of his brother Cristóbal Jodorowsky , 57, who did a lot of good to the community that surrounded him, and who ultimately passed away alone.

With The Fool, the musician who in recent years dedicated himself to the production of his colleagues’ materials, plans to start a life cycle towards the irrational, to instinct, to delve into questioning everything.

All the songs that make up the album were rewrote during the pandemic, he worked on ready-made material, because he realized that some of the lyrics no longer had to do with his conception of the world.

“I consider myself a nostalgic being, I like hats, that’s why I use them a lot for the covers of my productions , I wear suits, I don’t wear tennis shoes. I like the analog, because the virtual are numbers on a screen and when working on tapes they are waves. There is like something more organic, that touches me more because I am a retailer and what makes me vibrate I go there ”.

When asked about the themes he addressed for his new lyrics, Adanowsky explained : “I found the perfect theme, I believe that unnecessary imperfection must be embraced and I don’t focus so much on love or heartbreak.”

Romina Solis | The Sun of Mexico

He also clarified his concept about depression, because he does not want his words to be misinterpreted. “I respect people’s emotions and feelings, I simply said that you have to learn to be grateful for everything, the bad times, the joys, the sadness. See more the positive message, that’s why I have another topic Grateful. In this album I am not interested in talking only about love, about heartbreak; that we always hear them in all the songs. I wanted to explore other things.”


He commented that the French photographer Elöise Labarbe Lafon was the one who took the photos for The Fool and announced that there are songs like When The Angel Comes, created and recorded with Karen O, voice of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which is accompanied by a video clip performed by his brother Brontis Jodorowsky.

It also includes Chain Reactionary, with the vocal collaboration of Beck, with whom he made contact thanks to Seen Lennon, son of John Lennon, with whom he has been friends since childhood.

He also had the participation of musicians from Leiva, El David Aguilar and Jay de la Cueva, with whom he made a group called The Guapos, which he will present soon.

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With El David Aguilar he created the lyrics for the song Alejandro and the singer-songwriter played the guitar for Todo Es Perfecto, while Jay de la Cueva did the guitar solo on Te Fuiste.


Adanowsky informed that he is going to lead the Movement of irrationality in all expressions of art. “Irrationalism is an artistic movement that I am creating now. So I’m just starting out with friends who are painters, sculptors, writers, everything they do has to do with the language of instinct. We are in the arts and the idea is to contribute something. I’m trying to make this movement, I don’t know what it will give if it will be born or die. I’m still creating it.”

Adam also spoke of his mother from whom he inherited the talent of singing. “My mother Valerie was a frustrated singer as a musician, she never practiced. That’s why I also became a musician . When she dies, I dug the garden many meters deep to bury her piano and with it, what she did not become. I planted a cherry tree there to offset this part of my mother’s life.”

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