Lagunero Luis Villalba promotes his new single ‘Aura’

Sunday 30 April, 2023
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The singer from La Laguna, Luis Villalba, has released a new single of his inspiration called Aura, which has been well received by the public, so much so that it was placed on an official music list on the Spotify platform.

Luis visited El Siglo de Torreón to talk about his song and the musical movement of various genres such as pop, rock, indie or folk, which continues to grow in the Comarca Lagunera.

“Aura is a song that came at dawn. The lyrics and melody came to me on a sleepless night, I liked what came into my head so much, so I got up, took my cell phone and recorded a voice note with what was on my head and the next day I made a simple model, already with notes, to begin to give it shape”.

The interpreter mentioned what situations and emotions inspired him to “give life” to the melody, Aura.

“He talks about that summer love that we all get to experience at some point where you meet a person on a trip and you click, then the world disappears and only you and that person remain. You don’t know what will happen next, because you just live the present.

“That day (when he composed the song) I previously spoke with my wife about experiences that we lived on the beach, about our first trips together to places like Mazatlán and I think that triggered the lyrics,” he highlighted.

Regarding the sound of this song, Villalba said that he tried to explore something different from what he had done.

“I started to delve into the world of synthesizers, I feel that it is like a cycle made up of guitar and synthesizers, something that has been working on in the music scene.”

Luis clarified that Aura will not be part of his next album, but it will serve as a way of introducing what is to come in his career.

“The EP is very mixed. They are songs that I wrote a long time ago and others are new. They all bring synthesizers, the songs are already in the mastering process.”

On the other hand, the artist mentioned that he is “impressed” by how much the music scene in the Comarca Lagunera has grown.

“Every week something new by artists from Laguna comes out. Three or four songs by local artists almost always come out on platforms and that is something very cool, I would like people to realize all the talent that is here, from our outpost from Laguna, as well as at the time the royal advance came out”.

Luis expressed that he listens to all the proposals that come from singers from the Shire.

“I hear everything they put out, I get an idea of ​​how the scene is moving here. I love contributing what I can so that this lagoon art is known everywhere.”

The singer-songwriter loves music, but he also has another office activity. During the talk he revealed how to deal with both. On average, he spends an hour a day at the “artisteada”.

“My office work is what I live on financially. I feel that the music part is there all the time, it’s not like I dedicate hours to take advantage of it or write. I’m always listening to music and I like to absorb and learn from what I see or listen. What I do focus on is when an inspiration comes, I sit down with my guitar and see what comes out. Music makes me feel alive.”

Luis Villalba is aware that nothing is certain in music and also recognizes that this activity is based on perseverance.

“I consider that I have been taking small but constant steps. With this song by Aura I managed to enter an official Spotify ‘play list’, which as an independent artist is a huge achievement, taking into account that the platform receives thousands of proposals week to week”.


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Source: (ALDO MAGALLANES.-) from Portada, El Siglo de Torreón on 2023-04-29 08:18:05

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