Mike Bahía releases his new studio album “Contigo”

Thursday 4 May, 2023
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After the success of “Amantes Tour: Kai”, the tour of the United States that he carried out with Greeicy, as well as the release of four singles that have added millions of views on digital platforms, Colombian singer Mike Bahía, Latin Grammy winner and one of the most outstanding artists of the urban pop scene, returns with his long-awaited new album “With You”the third and last installment of the record trilogy that began in 2019 with the release of “Navegando”.

With the crisp production and co-writing of two-time Grammy nominee and four-time Latin Grammy nominee Keityn, “Contigo” has allowed Cali singer-songwriter channel the power of human connection, sharing stories of romance, pain and heartbreak that will leave fans yearning for so much more from their artist.

Although “With you” captures the positive energy, good vibes and contagious spirit for which mike bay has been recognized, both by listeners and by the press, also explore the darker side of life and love in this rich project of 12 songs, demonstrating a surprising vulnerability especially in “Corazón”, the single with which this third musical production opens. In the video, Mike is out on the cold streets of New York, USA, accompanied by Keityn on guitar.

The album also includes the previously released singles. “The Lack”the powerful and forceful launch with the Mexican regional star carin leon; “Egoism” with Keityn and Dekko; “How”, the salsa song with which Mike Bahía pays homage to his hometown of Cali, Colombia; and of course, “My little sin” with Greeicy the song with which he experiences the sensual sounds of bachata, fusing the genre with the vibrant tropical rhythms that have come to define his work over the years.


“‘With you’ is actually just what it says. I’ve made this record with you, whoever is listening to me,” he said. mike bay. “Everything that exists, what I have done throughout my career, I have done with wonderful people, I have not done it alone. From the composition, the creation of the songs, the mix, the musicians, the promotion, the fans… it’s an energy that is transmitted, this is not done alone”.

I have to represent and carry the inertia of the wave, but in the end, this is something that spreads to a team of many people who give me energy, who give energy and who give life to this project, that’s why I love it.

“With you” complete the extraordinary record trilogy that Mike Bahía started with the release of his first song in 2014 and his first album “Browsing” in 2019, and which later continued with the publication of “Glad” in 2021. Together, the titles of these three albums form the phrase “Sailing happy with you”a name and concept that serve as a reflection of and dedication to the incredible journey that is his musical career, and to the people who have supported him thus far, including his team, his fans, and his family.

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Source: Francisco Inzunza from DEBATE on 2023-05-03 18:07:00

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