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Thursday 4 May, 2023
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Isaac et Nora present in Mexico the songs from their first album with unpublished songs, Premières Chansons, completely in Spanish

The greatest success of the French brothers Isaac et Nora is 20 years , a bolero whose video has been viewed on YouTube almost eight million times since 2020. Originally, Nicolás, his father shared it on networks for his family and friends; Soon, the trio’s version (Nicolás on guitar, Isaac on trumpet and Nora on vocals) went viral.

Today, Isaac is 15 years old and Nora 11, after interpreting songs like Luz de luna , Lágrimas negras , El cuarto de Tula , Caballo viejo , or Dos gardenias (the recent collaboration with the Mexican duet Daniel is killing me), they present Premières Chansons , his first original album ; the title is a nod to his country, the language continues to be a Spanish of tender sweetness in Nora’s voice.

With this album , they began a tour last April through Latin America, which will arrive in Mexico on May 3, from Chile, Argentina and Peru; His passage through our country begins at the San Marcos Fair ; on Friday the 5th they go to Guadalajara, on Sunday the 7th they perform at the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris and on May 13 in Cuernavaca.

The trio, which has also recorded covers of Hasta la raíz by Natalia Lafaurcade and Tu falta de querer , by Mon Laferte , as well as the Bolivian song Collita , among others, retain the same musicality of their previous recordings, for the themes of their first unreleased album.

It all started as a game, recounts Nicolás in an interview. “I’m an amateur musician , we have instruments at home and it’s not like I told the kids ‘let’s make music ‘. Isaac was eight years old and curious, like any child, he began to explore the trumpet and then, although he did not have great knowledge, I began to teach him. Nora, who was four years old, got jealous that she was spending more time with her brother and she wanted to participate, but she was too young to start with an instrument.

“Now we are reaching a stage where the children are going to need a bit of theory, but from the beginning until today, we have focused above all on finding songs that we like and that we enjoy playing,” explains Nicolás about his second tour. in Latin America, as a result of the popularity they have on social networks.

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“The idea for the videos came from our parents, they wanted to keep memories of us playing, a bit like taking photos ,” shares Nora, while her father adds that they had no intention of making a career; “It was funny content, their mom and I didn’t want to show that they were virtuosos or something like that, but we were quite proud of the children and that’s why we opened the Facebook page, but we never thought it would go viral, it was something for the kids . friends, very familiar, without any pretense, we were surprised and still are very surprised at the success we had.

Isaac says that in these years his interest as an instrumentalist has grown, “I play the trumpet, guitar, but also a bit of bass, drums, some minor percussion, I like to discover new sounds”, and for this tour he plays for the first time a theme with electric guitar.

And while Nora explains that singing in Spanish is simply a pleasure, “like eating sushi, even if you don’t have Japanese roots,” Nicolás admits that “I would love to tell you a story like I had a grandmother who married a mariachi, but we really have We have to thank the internet because thanks to the platforms it is possible to listen to music from anywhere in the world and that is how we have been discovering the songs that we interpret”.

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On tour in the longest journey of his career, which ends in our country, this project still retains its family dynamics in France. “What we like the most is giving concerts , contact with people, it has nothing to do with social networks , realizing that we are not only a group that receives many likes on social networks, but that in real life there are people who say adorable things to you, which makes us very happy”, says Nicolás.

“In France we play in craft markets, in small places from time to time. I hope this interview will not appear in France, but for us the Latin American public has nothing to do with the European one, they are much warmer, and in the end, in France we are not so famous, even in our region, they know us as neighbors, before success; As parents we would like to be able to stay quietly in France and leave concerts outside the country, take photos in the street, that which comes with fame, which we like a lot, but I think it is very important, especially for children, to be able to live like we did before, very simply, that’s why until now we don’t really want to play in France, to be famous, precisely to be able to go shopping without anyone recognizing us, that life is also a luxury”.

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