Mike Bahía premieres “Sincere Love” for Mother’s Day

Wednesday 10 May, 2023
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On the occasion of the commemoration of Mother’s day Colombian singer mike bay launches a very special theme, “Sincere love”, ideal to dedicate it to the queens of the home, to those wonderful beings who gave us life. “Mothers are extraordinary figures who have no equal in this world, without them we would not exist, the incredible support and unconditional love they give us are of incalculable value,” said the interpreter.

The singer-songwriter from Cali eloquently captures this grandiose sentiment on his recent release, acknowledging the essential role moms play in our lives and the impact they have, in the formation of the adults we become.

For the creation of “Sincere Love”, mike bay featured the help of his followers, who sent him videos of his parents through social networks. These clips can now be seen in the official music video, adding a personal, heartfelt and impactful touch, which will captivate the hearts of anyone who sees it and will undoubtedly remind all viewers to honor their own mothers not only on Mother’s Day the Mother, but every day of the year.

Besides, mike bay recently unveiled his studio album “With You”. Includes the hit singles “La falta” with Regional Mexican star Carin León, “El egoísmo” with Dekko, “Mi pecadito” with Greeicy and more.

“Contigo” completes the record trilogy that Mike Bahía began with the release of his first song in 2014 and his first album “Navegando” in 2019. He then continued with the publication of “Contento” in 2021. Together, the titles of these three albums form the phrase “Sailing happy with you”a name and concept that serve as a reflection of and dedication to the incredible journey that is his musical career, and to the people who have supported him thus far, including his team, his fans, and his family.


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Source: Francisco Inzunza from DEBATE on 2023-05-09 18:38:18

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