Delicate position of Rocha before producers and the Federation

Monday 22 May, 2023
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Rocha’s crossroads. For the governor it is a real challenge. Perhaps the largest and most important so far in his six-year term. what happens with corn and wheat producers Sinaloa it has placed him in the dilemma of hoisting their flag for being a truly authentic and justified fight, and what it means an evident reluctance of the Federal Government to attend, and above all resolve, the demands of Sinaloan agricultural producers. It is not and has not been easy for Rubén Rocha Moya. On the one hand, he has to treat President López Obrador’s interlocutors in matters of agricultural policy and those he put in place to resolve these demands with great tact. Definitely, you cannot fight with all those negotiators headed by Adán Augusto López, head of the Interior, much less with his president. That’s clear. But nor can it “divorce” agricultural producers and cast aside their just demands. With the Federal Government it would be political suicide. With farmers, a regional social crisis. The producers seem to have understood the delicate situation in which the governor finds himself. At least that’s how they made him feel after the meeting they held in México City with Adán Augusto. But there is also a sign of concern when it is allowed that the perception of an “abandonment” to the governor and producers on the part of the Federal Government that it did not stop, and still does not, the problem of security in guaranteed prices for both corn and wheat. It seems that he opened a window through which a solution to the conflict could be found. Let’s hope.

In the neighborhood where I was born there was a saying: If you attack your adversary, finish him off! If you throw him down, don’t let him get up, because if he gets up, he’ll finish you off. The more than evident fight between the leader of the Sinaloense Party, Melesio Cuen, and the governor Rubén Rocha Moya it is fierce It seems that the balance until today is tilted in favor of the governor. He’s driving Cuen against the ropes. But she doesn’t fall. She wobbles, yes, but she doesn’t succumb. Like in a boxing match, it seems that the leader of the PAS is dragging out the fight. He thinks maybe time will benefit him. And if Rocha Moya doesn’t knock him out, then yeah, hold on!

Because in this fierce fight, Rocha Moya not only launched against Cuen, he involved his family. And those who know Cuen, including surely Rocha Moya, know that he will not keep everything they are doing to him. A governor must understand that he is in office for six years. That as time goes by, his power, influence and ways of operating are reduced. As things are, We don’t want to imagine how they will be a year before Rocha Moya leaves the governorship.

What are they seeing from the Government that we mere mortals cannot see, that the Army is concentrating on Sinaloa more items. The war against fentanyl is here, as much as they want to deny it. Is it because of that or is it something else?

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Source: Fernando Zepeda from DEBATE on 2023-05-21 05:58:26

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