Matute celebrates an eighties party in Culiacán

Monday 22 May, 2023
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Culiacan, Sinaloa. Thanks to a magical night, the Culiacán public had the opportunity to go back in time to the 80s. matute offered a concert full of nostalgia, emotion and good vibes during his concert this Saturday, May 20, at the Tomateros Stadium.

The group made up of Jorge D’Alessio, nacho izeta, Pepe Sanchez, Irving Regalado, Tana Planter and Paco Morales is celebrating its 15 years of trajectory with “Quinceanera World Tour 2023”, so they took it upon themselves to put on a real party on stage, where everyone could dance and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

celebration to music

At 9:35 p.m., the public already had all the attitude and after a small karaoke dynamic with Quinceanera, from Thalia, matute opened the concert with a medley made up of great hits from the 80s such as together forever and Cars, fashion and rock and roll.

The audience could not contain their emotion when it was time to interpret some of the most beloved pop songs in Spanish and to the rhythm of clapping they accompanied the group during Lifetime, I have come to ask your forgiveness, My big night and Who cares?

After a spectacular start to the concert, where matute showed not only his great talent on stage but his great level of production, the group went to the public to greet them and the vocalist Tana Planter revealed that Sinaloa holds a very special place in your heart. “My mom is from Los Mochis my whole family is, so you know that I am enjoying this weekend very much in this very special place ”.

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One of the most emotional sections of the concert was, without a doubt, the part dedicated to the greatest rock hits in Spanish. “Tonight we are going to go through all the eighties to mere Rome, okay, Culiacán? Why don’t we start tonight with something that changed the lives of our entire generation?” Jorge D’Alessio before interpreting I love you, white guitars, When the tremor passes, give me back my girl, When you grow up and bolivian lament.

Another of the funniest moments and which, without a doubt, was one of the public’s favorites was “the one with guilty pleasures”, as the members of the group called it. matute and who managed to get the public to leave their shame behind and sing and dance to the rhythm of songs like I’m a mess, Now you can go and Jealousy.

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Source: Paulina Villaverde from DEBATE on 2023-05-21 10:33:32

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