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Tuesday 23 May, 2023
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Edgar González Zatarain indicated that in any case he would ask the governor for help in carrying out public works and services.

Mazatlán, Sin.- After it was announced that the Mazatlán City Council faces 2,466 active files against it, a sum of just over 544 million pesos in demands to pay and that the commune has a budget of just 200 million To settle them , the mayor of Mazatlán ruled out that he is going to request a loan from the State Government.

Edgar González Zatarain pointed out that the governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, has very general knowledge of the situation and that in any case he would turn to him to ask for support in social work.

“We have not resorted to him in order to ask him for a loan yet and say ‘help us’, that we are going to do it in due course, obviously , but there is something very clear. All municipalities have particularities, some in one way, others in another way, and the governor can’t take on everyone’s problems ,” he said.

Faced with this type of situation, he added, it is the municipality itself that must manage them as far as possible, making budget adjustments .

“What do we ask the governor? That he better help us with work, that he help the people, the citizens, with benefits in terms of public services , public works, I prefer to request support for that and not specifically to pay people there who It will not have any benefit for the population, I save my cards for something more beneficial for the population , “ he added.

They will establish responsibilities

The municipe assured that there are already procedures against former officials who in one way or another have participated in these cases that are causing damage to public resources .

He mentioned that some have already gone through the Internal Control Body , which classified them as serious and turned them over to the administrative court . There are seven people in this situation and there are four other similar cases where the necessary documentation and evidence is just being gathered.

“There are others in the legal area and four similar cases and in the case of these new lawsuits, investigations were opened, primarily internal , to gather all the documentary part and follow the procedures, towards whom? As always established, a type of lawsuits of this type, who is responsible “ , he assured.

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Source: from El Sol de Mazatlán | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el Mundo – frontpage on 2023-05-22 10:27:40

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