México loses 324 billion pesos of investment due to insecurity

Wednesday 24 May, 2023
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In the last eight years México is less peaceful, peace has been deteriorating by 14.8%since 2 have been committed 50 thousand homicides from 2015 to 2022 according to México Peace Index (IPM).

In the tenth edition of the MPI, it stands out that the economic impact of violence in México is 4.6 billion pesos (USD 239 billion) in 2022, which equivalent to 18.3% of GDP. Faced with the security crisis 324 billion pesos have stopped investing in the country.

Carlos Juarez director of the Peace Index in México, pointed out that the Organized crime continues to drive high levels of homicide in the country. Which went from 8 thousand in 2015 to 23 thousand in 2022, related to organized crime caused by the clashes between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) vs. Poster of Sinaloa, due to the dispute over the territory for the transfer of drugs. The organized crime rate reached its highest level on record, with 167 crimes for every 100 thousand inhabitants.

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Government invests less in justice and security

He military spending of México it was at its highest level in 2021, while public safety spending is only 10% above the national level. Similarly, Mexican public spending on justice and public safety is far below at the regional and international levels. México spent 0.6% of its GDP on the justice system and public security in 2022, around a third of the OECD average.

IPM security expenses

Peace indices

According to the IPM, México in 2022 ranked 85 out of 163 countries evaluated in the Positive Peace Report. This is 18 places below his position in 2009. As a result, he has dropped from the category of High Positive Peace to Medium Positive Peace. Regionally, México now ranks as the 6th highest Positive Peace nation out of 12 countries.

At the national level, 17 states registered an overall improvement in their levels of peace, while 15 states suffered deteriorated. Since 2015, Yucatan has been classified as the most peaceful entity in the countrys, followed by Tlaxcala, Chiapas, Nayarit and Tamaulipas.

In contrast, the five less peaceful states are Colima, Zacatecas, Baja California, Guanajuato and Morelos which showed an increase in terms of organized crime crimes.

In recent years, we have improved in certain areas related to peace. However, it is important to have a holistic approach to address the complex dynamics of insecurity, violence, and socioeconomic resilience. On the other hand, it is essential to increase investment in justice and security systems, as well as to tackle corruption and improve governance to foster sustainable peace.Carlos Juárez said at a press conference during the presentation of the report.

Fentaline trafficking on the rise

The report indicates that in recent years there have been changes in the markets for illegal drugs synthetic narcotics where demand for trafficked marijuana illegally into the United States continues to decline, Fentaline seizures grew 300% on the northern border in the last three years.

IPM drugs

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Firearm homicides

The Firearms have become the leading cause of homicides both men and women. Between 2015 and 2022, male homicides committed with a firearm rose from 61% to 72%, while the proportion of female homicides, including femicides, rose from 38% to 60%.

Mexico Peace Index 2022

Violence against journalists and activists grows

violence against journalists and activists continues to grow. In 2022, he qualified to México as the deadliest place in the world to be an environmental activist, and the second most dangerous to practice journalism only after Ukraine.

Polarization decreases citizen trust

In this tenth edition of the MPI study included a analysis of political and social polarization in the country. Indicates that the polarization undermines the ability of governments to operate effectively and cohesively, as well as confidence decreases and the arrangement of citizens to participate in civic processes.

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Source: Alejandro Granados from Publimetro México on 2023-05-23 14:46:51

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