Chang Li S1 Pro, the mini car that is causing a sensation in the world

Thursday 25 May, 2023
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In the middle of 2023, the cheapest and smallest car in the world leaving everyone amazed why besides being electric you can buy it at line just as you read it, this car comes to you to the doors of your house and its value is less than 25 thousand pesos.

This mini electric car comes from the country that continues to lead with automotive innovation and that, in addition, offers a private means of transportation at low cost, which is something very striking and attractive to millions of people, we are talking about China.

Its about Chang Li S1 Pro which, besides being the cheapest in the world, well, it only costs 20 thousand Mexican pesos is also the most compact and smallest, not forgetting that, being electric it helps the environment and best of all, when you buy it, it comes to you as parcel.

In addition to the above, the Chang Li S1 Pro has other details that differentiate it from the others offers that exist in the market, which makes it even more attractive for many people who are looking for a car that moves them everywhere.

The electric mini car is only 2.4 meters long, has a closed cabin, capacity for three people, automatic and an electric motor that reaches up to 30 kilometers per hour, the cheapest compact car in the world that can be purchased for 20,000 Mexican pesos . It also has a reversing camera, USB input, radio and lights on the roof.

This amazing GhangLi S1-Pro can be purchased on the Alibaba Express sales page for a price of 1,131 dollars, around 20,100 pesos, although something very important to know is that import costs are borne by the buyer and could end up paying double for it.

This mini car is also available in Mercado Libre for 20,899 pesos or 12 payments of just over two thousand pesos with free shipping. It is said that the arrival of the Chinese car in México has not been confirmed and apparently it cannot be purchased in México because it allegedly does not comply with NOM 195 for vehicles in the country.

NOM 195 requires that transport vehicles comply with standards such as: front and side airbags, Electronic Stability Control and child restraint system anchorages. In addition, they must have a braking system, an anti-lock braking system, a seat belt reminder system, and tire pressure monitoring.


However, on social media, Images of the first mini electric cars are already circulating chinese in México.

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Source: David Ortega from DEBATE on 2023-05-24 13:42:46

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