Schoolgirl set fire killing 19 students over cell phone in Guyana

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Guyana.- A terrible tragedy occurred in the mining town of Mahdia, in the southwestern guyana, after a student sprayed insecticide on a bathroom curtain and turn it on.

The student allegedly started the fire in protest that a dorm supervisor took away her cell phone.

The minor carried out this action without thinking about the magnitude of what it would cause, leaving 19 dead students as a balance and 17 injured, in a school residence.

“Police investigations so far into Sunday night’s deadly fire in Mahdia, which claimed the lives of 19 people reveals that a student is suspected of causing the devastating fire because the dorm supervisor and a teacher took her cell phone“, indicates the police report.

Witnesses pointed out that the schoolgirl had threatened on Saturday night, May 20, to burn down the premises in protest because the manager of the school residence took his cell phone.

They are not allowed to have any cell phones and they found this girl with a phone and apparently he was sending photos, so they took the phone away from the girl who threatened that same night to burn down the building and everyone listened to it,” the official explained.

Minutes after the cell phone was taken away, the young woman went to the bathroom area and sprayed a curtain with insecticide while striking a match.

Despite the efforts of the other students to put out the fire, the fire spread and destroyed the wooden roof and finally destroyed the entire building.

Firefighters arrived 25 minutes after the fire started where 57 students stayed, of which, 14 were burned and another five died in the hospital from the Mahdia district, where they had been transferred.

According to the versions, the young woman, who caused the fire, escaped from the building after several men broke down a door and they realized that the students were trapped inside the concrete structure with metal bars.

With information from AP.

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