The port area in Mazatlán is crowded, expansion is urgent, says Canacintra

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Mazatlán. – For the president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry in Mazatlán, Sergio Rojas Velarde, the expansion of the port is fair and necessary, since its high demand keeps the arrival of supplies and merchandise saturated.

He mentioned that there are around 8,000 parked vehicles and also another two that are waiting for access to drop around 7,000 vehicles, with a waiting schedule for another 10 ships to arrive at the port.

“What’s going on? They are being imported, 600 vehicles are getting on the train, they are taking them and distributing them throughout the country… they chose to enter Mazatlán because it is a safer port, because they have better conditions than other ports, but we need to be prepared,” he declared. .

Rojas Velarde pointed out that the vehicles that circulate through Mazatlán are brands such as Chirey, Ford and Kia, in addition to others that are moving and that, due to the proximity of Sinaloa towards border cities, they prefer Mazatlán to arrive, however, it is falling short due to not having space.

What do you suggest?

The president of Canacintra Mazatlán reported that they have already discussed with the Ministry of Economy to support the issue of expanding the port or, in a plan B, expedite or help on the issue of the maritime terminal of Sinaloa a Grupo Caxxor project that is being considered for Estación Dimas, in San Ignacio.

“How about these companies settle in industrial parks, where their raw material will enter if we have the port saturated… or develop the maritime terminal of Sinaloa that so much has been said about Grupo Caxxor”, he said.

The businessman added that, only in 2022, around 20,000 vehicles arrived at the port, only in this first quarter of the year, the mobility of vehicles that arrived at the port tripled, which means the popularity that Sinaloa in terms of logistics and transportation.

They will separate the tourists from the cargo

For his part, the Secretary of the Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, said that they are already working on the development of the port, above all, delimiting the tourist area from the cargo area, since it is well known that both are together and this creates problems in the mobility of the cruise tourist.

“We are talking with some businessmen so that land they have near the port can be used to fit out and store vehicles. But also give more space to cargo and its separate space with tourism, ”he commented.

The Administration of the National Port System has already reported that in 2024 the project to adapt the facilities for tourist cruises will begin, right in the part where the Ferry arrives.

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