There is one month left to find land for an IMSS hospital in Mazatlán: Coparmex

Thursday 25 May, 2023
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The City Council has one month to locate the land where the new Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute will be built in Mazatlán and that other cities in the state or the country do not win, said the president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic, Fernando Ignacio Valdez Solano .

“We are giving ourselves a month for the City Council to locate the land and start the process with Social Security so that they approve it and then see the donation process,” added Valdez Solano in an interview.

“They are authorizing I think 100 or 150 (IMSS hospitals) throughout the country, those who get their batteries and say I’m ready, but if we say they already said they are going to Mazatlán and we sit down, we will not get it never”.

He recalled that a meeting had already been held with Mayor Édgar González Zataráin and they had already given him the guidelines requested by the IMSS for that hospital and it is estimated that within 30 days the proposals to the IMSS could be made on where to build the new hospital and integrate the file.

In another order of ideas, he expressed that Federal Roads and Bridges will be asked to keep the bridges of the Mazatlán-Durango Highway illuminated to prevent accidents.

He also announced that the conditions on the section agreed with the concessionaire are being improved on the Mazatlán-Culiacán Pacific Highway.

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