Blockades and shootings on highways in Chiapas

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México City.- Chiapas registers at least two road blockades by organized crime groups and a peasant organization.

Starting at 5:00 a.m., at kilometer 150 of the Las Choapas-Ocozocoautla highway, in the central area of ​​the state, an armed group set fire to a trailer and then placed it in the middle of the road and closed traffic to the rest of the vehicles.

According to witnesses, detonations of firearms were heard and the elements of the National Guard (GN) only closed the highway, without getting into the confrontation.

In San Gregorio Chamic, Frontera Comalapa, a municipality near Guatemala, people from the organization “El Maíz” have blocked the road with iron since yesterday.

Although they assure that their demands are peasants, but almost three hours away, in the Amatenango de la Frontera Municipality, another group that said they were from “Sinaloa”He accused them of being drug traffickers, through a blanket, after setting a truck on fire.

“Corn filthy (four letters) we will hit them all, Comalapa is innocent, they pay by keeping themselves. Atte: Sinaloa” the message said.

Yesterday, while this blockade was taking place, on the Comitán-Ciudad Cuauhtémoc highway section, a large group of inhabitants marched to demand that the Chiapas Attorney General’s Office search for the disappeared Tomás López Gomez.

It is about a public transport driver who disappeared this Tuesday while driving the “Estrella” line bus with number 03.

“My father was driving along the Ciudad Cuauhtémoc highway, to Frontera Comalapa,” said his son as he began the march.

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Source: Mariana Morales<BR>Agencia Reforma from El Diario on 2023-05-25 10:51:42

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