Collective of trackers runs into an armed group in Navolato – El Sol de Mazatlán

Friday 26 May, 2023
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Navolato, Sin.– The collective of Warrior Hounds who were sticking tokens in the syndicate of Villa Angel Flores, La Palmain the company of the State Search Commission and police elements, he ran into a group of armed peoples who showed their weapons in front of the women.

According to the data, the intimidation It happened this Thursday, May 25, at noon in bliss community he cluster armed moved in two vans of a recent model, one of them had a Barrett 50 caliber rifle.

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The mothers HE they found conducting search for missing persons together with the Search Commission, supported by state agents, when the incident happened.

He cluster armed went through where they found the members of the collective and seeing themselves in danger, they withdrew to a place outside of The Palm and they activated the alert.

On the way to culiacan they ran into both vans crossed over the road and out of fear they took refuge in the houses of a populated nearby, the policemen who were with them also guarded at mothers seekers.

The information indicates that the agents were about to confront the hitmen, but to avoid a shooting unnecessary they opted for guard.

staff of the Deputy Prosecutor mounted a security operation to escort the people who were doing work in that area of The Palm.

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Source: from El Sol de Mazatlán | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el Mundo – frontpage on 2023-05-25 13:22:17

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