Deputies will not be sanctioned although they almost come to blows in the Congress of Sinaloa

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Deputies Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz, from the Sinaloense Party, and Pedro Villegas Lobo, from Morenathey will not be sanctioned for their confrontation that occurred last Tuesday, despite the fact that they almost came to blows inside the State Congress.

Deputy Ricardo Madrid Pérez, president of the Board of Directors, explained that this governing body of the Legislature is in charge of safeguarding the operation of the plenary sessions, and of the legislative work.

“It happened outside of a session, it happened outside of a commission or a work meeting and, well, I cannot limit any Deputy to carrying out some type of conduct,” commented the Legislator.

He added that the Organic Law of the State Congress only establishes sanctions in the event that the confrontation had occurred in a plenary session, in commissions or in a work meeting.

“The most I would do would be a respectful call to my fellow deputies to legislate, to debate, to put the points within the corresponding legislative processes with the importance and substance of many expressions,” he said.

In a personal capacity, he emphasized that he does not share the attitude taken by deputies Bojórquez Ruiz and Villegas Lobo.

“Because it leads us to disqualify, because they lead us to show the citizens, show the Sinaloans, I believe that an aspect of the Legislative Power that the Legislative Power does not deserve and that does not represent us,” he lamented.

On Tuesday, Deputy Pedro Villegas Lobo demonstrated giving tacos in the courtyard of Congress, to criticize the purchase of 18 million pesos of tortillas at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa; Before this act, Deputy Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz arrived, who verbally confronted the morenista, with whom he almost came to blows.

It is not the first time that these deputies have confronted each other; previously they also discussed in the press room of the Congress; both events were recorded on video.

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