How and where to buy ChangLi S1-Pro electric trolley?

Friday 26 May, 2023
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If you want a nice, cheap car that looks up anywhere today we have the best option for you, the electric car ChangLi S1-Pr Or, a not insignificant option if you consider that It can be purchased for just over 18,000 pesos on an online sales platform..

We will leave the clarifications about the price and the characteristics for later, now we will concentrate on what you want: where can i buy ChangLi S1-Pro electric car? The so-called ‘cheapest vehicle in the world’.

Before continuing, you should know that it is important to read the first article that you will find below very well, because acquiring a unit like this could represent a serious setback if you want to show it off openly on the streets. Click to report and then come back.

Ready? Are you still interested in making the acquisition knowing that it does not comply with NOM-194? Very well, at your own risk.

ChangLi S1-Pro electric car can be purchased via Alibaba e-commerce platform for a price that goes from just over 18 thousand Mexican pesos if you order a certain number of units.

Recently It has also been advertised on Mercado Libre But We recommend being very careful with possible scams.

On the other hand, if you want only one car, you can do it for 1,131 US dollars, around 20,170 Mexican pesos according to the exchange rate until the evening of May 24, 2023. A not insignificant cost due to the characteristics that you will read below.

Be careful, before continuing you must also take into account that to that figure you must add what they can charge you for entering the Republic. you will be able to know more on the subject in this link.

Strengths and weaknesses

One of the most important characteristics of the electric car is the one already mentioned in the article below the third paragraph, another of them is its maximum speed between 35 and 40 kilometers per hour according to the seller’s page.

Besides, gives you a range of up to 50 km/h on a single charge. As you may have noticed, it is not designed for long distances, so even the same manufacturer recommends it for short trips.

It has only two ports, headlights, flashing lights and a capacity of up to four passengers.

Its dimensions of 5 meters long; 1.5 wide and 1.8 high or they will let you know that it is not that big, problems finding parking you will not have.

Not everything is good, that is clear. It lacks ABS brakes, airbags and a structure of high resistance to impacts essential to comply with safety regulations in México.

• Weight of 1,400 kilograms
• 5 meters long; 1.5 wide and 1.8 tall
• Maximum speed of 30 km/h
• Two doors
• Capacity of up to 4 passengers
• Disc brakes
• Aluminum wheels
• Headlights
• Turn signals

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Source: Juan Chaidez Aispuro from DEBATE on 2023-05-25 07:30:00

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