IMSS must pay $5 million to a family for the death of a newborn in 2015

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The Mexican Institute of Social Security will have to pay compensation of 5 million pesos to the family of a newborn who died due to omissions at the Regional General Hospital No. 1 in Culiacán.

The Federal Court of Administrative Justice determined that the Regional General Hospital No. 1 failed to detect a pathogen, and therefore provide the minor with the appropriate treatment that could have saved his life.

“As well as not carrying out the pertinent study to detect the bacteria or pathogenic agents that caused death due to sepsis or infectious disease and it was not until the results derived from the exhumation that the presence of nosocomial bacteria was noticed and also it indicated malpractice on the part of the medical personnel”, says the doctor.

The compensation will be for death and moral damage, according to the resolution issued by the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.

The recommendation of the CNDH

In accordance with recommendation 61/2018 of the National Human Rights Commission, from September 16 to 21, 2015, several journalistic notes were published on the occasion of the death of various newborns who were treated on different dates at the Regional Hospital 1, reason why the State Human Rights Commission of Sinaloastarted the file CEDH/VIII/268/2015.

“The foregoing, due to the fact that from August 31 to September 21, 2015, in the “nursery” area of ​​Regional Hospital 1, an infection process occurred that caused the death of 14 newborns, four of whom were which were detected by laboratory studies, the bacterium “klebsiella pneumoniae”, another tested positive for “escherichia coli” and, the rest of the deaths occurred due to association with said “outbreak of nosocomial infection”, due to the fact that newborns they shared place, time and causes of death in said period”, reads the recommendation.

It was also reported that the IMSS reported that of 84 newborns who were exposed to said “outbreak”, 69 were discharged from the hospital without any complications being recorded.

The CNDH recalled that on September 24, 2015, Cofepris determined that Regional Hospital 1 had various risk factors such as lack of cleanliness of areas, bedding, patients and health personnel, lack of training in good practices hygiene (washing and sanitizing hands), deficient maintenance and cleaning of health supplies, as well as deficiencies in the preparation of food and solutions for medical use.

Based on this context, the ruling of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice was accredited through expert opinions and the recommendation of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), that “the newborn child died as a result of bacteria or agents pathogens that were not detected in a timely manner”.

This recommendation warned that in addition to the death of this minor, there were other deaths that occurred consecutively in the same service, in the pathological nursery, in the same period and with causes of death compatible with those of other newborns who were in the same service.

Likewise, it was determined that “the hygiene conditions that prevailed in the pathological nursery area of ​​the aforementioned hospital at the time of the events, and prior to them, were inadequate and lacked appropriate cleaning techniques, which generated a focus of infection, not only for newborns and the staff caring for them, but for the general public.”

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