Is the go-cart killer back?…the body of a man shot to death is found next to a toy car

Friday 26 May, 2023
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In Culiacán, Sinaloa, a young man was found with signs of violence, as well as a toy car that was left inside a cardboard box.

On the early morning of Wednesday, May 24, the case of a man who was shot to death at the entrance to the Stanza Torralba subdivision in Culiacán, Sinaloa was recorded ; his killer left a toy car next to him as a mark.

It was around three in the morning that the body was found and identified as Jesús “N”, who was apparently riding a bicycle when he was intercepted and shot to death on José Vasconcelos Boulevard, on the corner with Belpasso Street .

The corresponding authorities, medical bodies and experts arrived at the scene, who took samples and evidence in the area of ​​the events in order to determine more details about said murder, as well as the contribution of information for the corresponding investigations to find the aggressors .

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In view of the case, bodies of the municipal Police appeared at the scene where the presence of the victim was confirmed and subsequently notified the State Attorney General’s Office as well as the experts; Photographs were taken of evidence such as the bicycle.

Something in particular that caught the attention of the authorities and the experts was that they found a cardboard box at the scene that contained a toy car inside, which it is presumed that he or the aggressors placed after removing the lid . life.

About the victim there is no greater knowledge or if he would be involved in any criminal network; On the day of the events, he was wearing tennis shoes, pants, and a black T-shirt; He was transferred to the facilities of the forensic medical service where it is expected that his relatives can identify the body that received several bullet wounds.

Is the cart killer back?

In 2019, a case became national news because an alleged serial killer operating in Culiacán, Sinaloa, marked his victims by sticking toy cars on their backs, which would correspond to the number of cars they had stolen.

His victims appeared face down and toy cars were glued to their backs , as well as signs of torture and gunshots.

Until August of that year, there were five homicides with the same characteristics. The last reported was on the 7th when a body was found with the characteristic carts attached to its back.

On Sunday, August 4, the first discovery of this type was reported: a corpse was found with 11 toy cars attached to its body and one more in its hand. That same day two more bodies were found, but they had 13 carts on top.

The fourth body was located in the El Vallado neighborhood and the fifth corresponds to that of a man who robbed two women of their truck; that fact was recorded on video.

The entity’s Attorney General ‘s Office investigated the case to determine if it is just one person or if there is a “gang dedicated” to this crime.

Some people in Culiacán believe that he is an anonymous hero who took justice into his own hand and exacts revenge for the victims of car thieves.

So far it is unknown who the so-called ‘cart killer’ is.

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