Lupita D’Alessio thanks for more than 50 years of career

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Lupita D’Alessio is on tour in the USA and during her stay in Miami, Florida, she visits the television program ‘La mesa caliente’, where she shares that she is saddened to have to “say goodbye to the stages”, but that’s how it should be.

the mexican singer Lupita D’Alessio who will turn 70 next year, is proud and happy about her career and professional successes, but is aware that everything has a time.

“I feel proud of my life, you have to see how much you can and how much you can’t. The decision was not easy to make, but one proposes and God disposes,” she says. Lupita D’Alessio ‘The Sleeping Lioness’.

“Thank you for so much! People don’t want (for me to retire), and they don’t either, but I plan to go well, successfully, up and not causing pity. I do not want that”, confesses the singer, whose full name is Guadalupe Contreras Ramos.

Lupita D’Alessio began her artistic career when she was very young and her popularity began in the 70s, since in this decade her voice was already heard at important events such as the O.T.I. Festival of 1978 which helped launch his musical career.

Towards the end of those years her fame also began, because with songs like ‘Inocente pobre amiga’ and ‘Como tú’, in particular, she was able to reach the public’s taste.

Also, Lupita D’Alessio did an acting career by starring in soap operas such as ‘Pacto de amor’, ‘Aprendiendo a amar’, ‘Lo blanco y lo negro’ and ‘Ellas’, to name a few.

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