Mazatlán must win the next three games to stay alive

Friday 26 May, 2023
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Mazatlán.- The Basketball Deer team will play its last letter of the season in Tijuana, in a series where there is no tomorrow, This Friday night in the fifth of the series, at about 7:30 p.m.

Those led by Eric Wessling will seek Below 1-3 in the quarterfinals of Cibacopa 2023.
Last Wednesday, it was a night for the Forgotten the Buenos Aires team, which was overcome from the beginning to end by the Zonkeys.

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Also, as if that were not enough Deer has Jeff Ledbetter as a casualty who left from the first quarter of the last match, and did not return for the rest of the game, in the absence of the official report, the American could be out for at least the fifth game of the series.

Jeff has been the most outstanding player for Venados in recent games, in addition, most of the offensive plays go through him, by losing this match the rest of the foreigners should take a greater role.


Another who is no longer active is Jalek Felton, who left his place as a foreigner in the roster for Leroy Davis, who had an acceptable participation in the fourth game.

Felton went from more to less in the season, but now when he leaves the roster, Venados loses another important player for the final stretch, Davis can contribute his experience, although he arrives without much rhythm at this stage of the season.


This is how Mazatlán will have the difficult task of containing Tijuana, which seems to be packing itself into the most important part of the calendar, with Anthony Young and Akia Pruitt as their references, as well as Joshua Webster who has come on in recent games and has been able to help with several points.

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Source: Juan Adrián Simental Zataraín from DEBATE on 2023-05-25 13:31:34

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