Older woman is shot to death near an elementary school in the Melchor Ocampo neighborhood in Culiacán

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This Thursday morning, the Melchor Ocampo neighborhood in Culiacán was affected by an act of violence. An older woman, identified as María Juana, was brutally shot to death while she was out for a walk near the Professor Reynaldo González Elementary School.

The tragic event occurred on Primero de Septiembre street, between Isaac Newton and Thomas Alba Edison, a few meters from the victim’s home. María Juana, who was enjoying her morning walking routine, was attacked without warning by an unknown armed man, who violently took her life.

María Juana’s family realized the terrible situation when they went looking for her and found her lifeless body near her home. Quickly, the state authorities cordoned off the area to initiate the corresponding investigations.

Until now, the identity and whereabouts of the person responsible for this execrable crime are unknown, since he managed to flee. However, the authorities are committed to carrying out an exhaustive search to capture him and bring him to justice.

The community of the Melchor Ocampo neighborhood has been impacted by this tragic incident, and the families remain distraught and concerned for their safety. The arrival of the staff of the Prosecutor’s Office is expected, who will carry out the necessary legal proceedings to clarify the crime and provide justice to the victim and her loved ones.

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