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Morena called on her allies, so that this weekend they make an attempt at unity and join the movement’s candidate for governor of Coahuila, Armando Guadiana

Ricardo Monreal Ávila , coordinator of the Morena senators , warned that the Labor Party (PT) and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) are allies of the movement, but if unity is not achieved, it must be accepted, “there is risk that Morena walks only in 24 ”.

Before the press, the legislative leader supported the strong call made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the PT and PVEM , so that the PT candidate, Ricardo Mejía , does not use his image to promote himself.

Also, about the call made by the national leadership of Morena to its allies, so that this weekend they make an attempt at unity and join the movement’s candidate for governor of Coahuila, Armando Guadiana.

He considered that it would be a political error not to heed this call , because “if each political institution competes on its own there is no chance of winning, and this division will clearly help the PRI to stay in government for more than a hundred years.”

Monreal Ávila recalled that “it is a hard message not only to the candidate , but also to the party, in the sense that he does not agree with the division that was presented in Coahuila , where three candidates from the coalition or from the allies have each one to its own candidate, and that obviously weakens the movement.”

The Morenista senator called for tranquility and equanimity to the PT and the PVEM , so that this week, although it is already difficult, they could unify and achieve victory.

“The President has expressed his position regarding the demarcation with the PT candidate. Mario Delgado has said that, if there is no unity, perhaps there will be no coalition in 24 with them, and I fear that this may be true, even if it affects us to all”.

“They have been our allies. But now who knows what will happen, because we cannot deny that the president’s voice is very strong in Morena , no one can deny that the president’s voice is so strong that it is almost final. So you have to accept it. And if this call is not understood today, there is a risk that Morena will walk alone on 24, ”he said.

He insisted that this is not convenient for the coalition , for which reason he reiterated his attentive call to the PT to take into account the president’s message, since there is still time “and the Movement respectfully calls on them to make the last attempt at unity this weekend.” week”.

By the way, Ricardo Monreal , said that at the National Green Convention , he informed them of his intention to be the candidate of Morena for the Presidency of the Republic in 2024 , because “I have the merits, the preparation, the ability to face the great challenges of modern Mexico and I’m ready. I am the one who has accumulated the most political experience in 42 years and I feel ready”.

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On the other hand, Ricardo Monreal announced that the Bicameral Commission will meet to evaluate the follow-up to the work of the Armed Forces in public security tasks, and follow up on the indicators of the report; “In other words, what we consider the reports should contain,” he pointed out.

He said that the first semester is over, so the Permanent Armed Forces have to submit a report , through the Executive , or the Secretary, of the Secretary of Public Security.

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