The searcher Yesenia Durazo Cota was found safe and sound in Sonora!

Friday 26 May, 2023
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The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office announced today that Yesenia Durazo Cota, who was reported missing this week, has been found safe and sound. The activist returned to her home at her own expense, ending the concern surrounding her disappearance.

Yesenia, 33 years old, was kidnapped by a group of armed men in Arivechi, Sonora, last Sunday, May 21. The complaint of her disappearance was filed on Tuesday, May 23 for the alleged illegal deprivation of her liberty.

The news of his discovery was received with relief by the community and the search groups in Sonora. Yesenia is part of the Sonora Searching Mothers Collective and joined them in the search for her missing husband.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office launched the Alba protocol for missing persons on Wednesday, May 24, in response to the formal complaint of the disappearance of Yesenia Durazo Cota. However, before the protocol could be fully implemented, the woman was found and her good health was confirmed.

Ceci Flores, leader of the Sonora Seeking Mothers Collective, expressed her gratitude for the safe return of Yesenia Durazo Cota. She also called for peace and collaboration between the authorities and the search groups to prevent future disappearances and ensure the safety of all citizens.

In a show of desperation and in view of the lack of confidence in the authorities, the Union of Collectives of Searching Mothers of Tamaulipas addressed an open letter to the Mexican cartels, requesting their help for the return of Yesenia Durazo. In the letter, the importance of preserving life and the need to prevent families from being condemned to an endless search were emphasized.

While the return of Yesenia Durazo Cota has been positive news, this incident highlights the challenges searchers and colectivos face in their fight to find their missing loved ones. It is essential that joint efforts between civil society and the authorities be strengthened to guarantee security and justice for all persons affected by enforced disappearance in México.

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