The State Government has built more than 60 wells and brings water to 192 communities.

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They have benefited 66 thousand inhabitants of 15 municipalities who are brought water in pipes.

Culiacan, Sinaloa May 25, 2023.- The attention of basic services of the Sinaloan population is a priority of the State Government, which is why it brings water to 192 communities and 250 million pesos have been allocated for drainage, drinking water and sewerage, which includes the construction of more than 60 wells, informed the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas.

He highlighted that through CEAPAS, they have brought water with 38 pipes to 192 communities that have the problem of water shortage.

“There are 192 communities and more than 66,000 inhabitants have benefited from the support that the State Government gives to the municipalities with the rental of pipes so that the towns do not suffer from the lack of water in this dry season, which is very strong. because it still hasn’t rained in the mountains,” he said.

The state official specified that the problem of water scarcity has occurred in 15 municipalities and with the support provided, 66,000 inhabitants have benefited, of whom 48 communities of El Fuerte37 from Choix, 20 from Cosalá, 16 from Escuinapa, 14 from Sinaloa13 from Mocorito, among others.

Zavala Cabanillas mentioned that there are more than 60 wells built so far during the current administration, between last year and so far this year, in addition to the fact that wells and water conduction lines that were collapsed and have been rehabilitated continues to work across the state.

The Secretary of Public Works said that in addition to the wells and water conduction lines, as has already been done in San Ignacio, rehabilitating the entire network, work is also being done in Cedritos, Choix, among others where joint efforts are made with the municipalities.

He added that efforts are being coordinated with the Drinking Water Sewerage Commission of Sinaloa and the Ministry of Well-being and Sustainable Development in 11 works to capture water for human consumption where it is required and with the Livestock Union to make more than 60 boards and troughs for cattle.

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