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Culiacán, Sin.- Ambrocio Chávez Chávezlocal deputy and coordinator of the movement Now it is Adam in Sinaloa clarified that there are deputies who finance the position of Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez as a pre-candidate for the presidency in 2024 for Morena.

In the same way, the coordinator explained that he has a truck labeled with the face and the name of the corcholata morenist. He indicated that there are currently conferences and newspapers are distributed to publicize the profile of the candidate.

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“That van I bring it, I ordered it to be labeled with the name and figure of Adán Augusto and I gladly provide it and I gladly provide the little flags that they are ordered to do. Us we cooperate I as a cupbearer deputy and there is a team of deputies in the local congresses and among supporters we we contributehe declared.

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On the other hand, and in answer at accusations of Campaign advanced, chavez chavez He argued that it is operating in accordance with the laws.

He pointed that the accusations are not valid because the vote is not being asked for Adam August but it is spreading its profile.

“Friends and sympathizers are disseminating his figure and his profile, only that for the survey that Morena summon. We are respectful of Law and we are respectful of the political processes in the country. We are working in this line and we are taking care of all the forms”, commented.

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