These are the challenges that México has in the field, according to Tatiana Clouthier

Friday 26 May, 2023
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Mazatlán.- Sinaloa It is one of the main states in México with the highest exports within agriculture, especially with tomatoes, chili peppers, and peppers, which speaks of strong agricultural development but also has greater challenges if it seeks to maintain itself, said Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo.

The former Secretary of the Economy in México spoke about how important the countryside and its production are not only for local consumption, but also for export during her conference “México and its countryside: Challenges and opportunities”, making it clear that the country remains in a global trend for the quality of its products.

“You have to enter new markets and new buyers with some things that open up as opportunities, the eastern part of the United States, other countries with which we are strengthening our relationships as a nation and, also with products that we are beginning to have with organic production. We are in the moment,” he said.

Clouthier Carrillo pointed out that México’s main exports in the agricultural sector are beer, tomatoes, chili peppers, peppers, red fruits, avocado and tequila, in that order; there are other products that are on the rise in demand such as citrus fruits, sugar, cucumbers and cabbage.

For Sinaloa agriculture represents approximately 12 percent of its economy, therefore, the speaker added how important it is to give it the quality it deserves and strengthen it so that it continues as what it is known as, “the granary of México.”

Among the challenges they have to face, he said, are water stress, climate change, but México also has advantages that other countries do not, such as the commercialization achieved and the constant search for mechanisms for its effective production.

“The world is having a situation, we already see on the one hand with California how the earth was opening up, water stress, climate change and water scarcity are challenges that we need as humanity to attend to, México is no exception, we will have to do the same, I know that the state does it and we can take other measures to lower the use of water,” he said.

Tatiana Clouthier added that, although in Sinaloa already done, the drip irrigation system helps save two thirds of the water used; He also suggested a change in the cultivation processes so as not to stress the field, especially when, in the world, 70 percent of the water is used for agriculture and in the face of a shortage, mechanisms must be in place to deal with the problem.

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