They approve the first law that prevents, investigates and punishes torture in Sinaloa

Friday 26 May, 2023
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The State Congress approved the Law to Prevent, Investigate, and Punish Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which did not exist in Sinaloa.

The new legislation establishes the reparation of the damage and compensation by the person responsible for the victim for loss of life, alteration of health, loss of liberty, loss of economic income, work incapacity, loss or damage to property, and damage to reputation.

The corresponding amounts of sanction will be set by the Judge, who will take into account the magnitude of the damage caused.

The State will also be obliged, within the scope of its powers, to make reparation for the damage, within a period not exceeding one year; The law also establishes that public servants who are aware of cases of torture must notify the Public Ministry, and in case of not complying with this provision, they will be accused of the crime of concealment and removed from their position.

In addition, the law guarantees that Human Rights protection agencies can visit detention centers and all public institutions where there are people deprived of their liberty, assess the conditions and issue recommendations to prevent torture and cruel treatment.

The State Human Rights Commission must implement courses and training in human rights for the purpose of preventing torture.

The legal opinion was made up of three initiatives: one presented by all the deputies of the 64th Legislature, another by Deputy Ricardo Madrid Pérez, of the PRI, and the third by the PAS Parliamentary Group and the citizen Jesús Angélica Díaz Quinonez.

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