They will say goodbye to noise pollution and traffic this summer in Mazatlán

Friday 26 May, 2023
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Mazatlán. – Less noise and better traffic lights will be the aspects to improve in the next summer vacation, as reported by José Ramón Manguart, president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, after he met with the mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin.

He explained that together with the authorities they plan strategies so that tourists have a better experience during their stay in the port, because the issue of noise and mobility leaves a bad taste in the mouths of visitors.

«One of the important things for us is the sound, to see how we can improve this indicator so that it does not become a signal and above all speed up the issue of traffic lights as much as possible, due to traffic congestion, a problem that the tourist has pointed out”.

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He added that they are working in coordination with the Municipal Planning Institute to check the issue of mobility and with Ecology the issue of noise pollution.

“We already work with IMPLAM, and well, they are not total solutions, but solutions with which we can propose to help improve these indicators.”

The businessman clarified that he has not received any complaints from tourists, but they will prepare to improve the quality of service in the next summer vacation period in aspects that they consider could affect the rest days of visitors.

What is being done?

In the case of noise pollution, the authorities are already working on permanent operations to regulate that public transport providers bring music to a moderate level. This also applies to bars and clubs in the city.

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Source: Rosina Grave from Punto MX on 2023-05-25 16:06:41

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