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Saturday 27 May, 2023
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In the last two weeks sales in the Mazatlán seafood market known as The Changueras have decreased by up to 40 percent regarding how they closed the month of April.

Our sales began to drop for about a month, but right now in the last two weeks we have been down 40 percent according to how we closed April, I don’t know why, because we are in graduation times and we don’t see a rebound this is when we supposedly have more sales and instead of going up they have decreased“said the president of the vendors’ society, Maria de Jesus Beltran.

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He added that they are the inhabitants of Mazatlán those who buy, since it is very little tourism the one that is like customer.

“The people of Mazatlán are the ones that generate the most sales for us, they have helped us a lot, the truth is, it is the people of Mazatlán who have made the greatest consumption, not tourists, as many think; we expect a rebound soon“, he commented.

The proximity of the holiday period of summer gives them hope that the things change a bit.

We expect a rebound in our sales on long vacations, which is when people normally consume a lot of seafood in Mazatlán, we expect an increase of up to 70 percent on those dates, from July to August, we want to recover from the bad moment, we know that they will be important dates”he added.

The most sold

The cocktail shrimp, which used for ceviche and for cooking, it is the best seller in the stalls The Changueraswith prices of 120, 130, 140 and 150 pesos.

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