Fishing sector leaves the sea to go to the construction of hotels

Sunday 28 May, 2023
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MAZATLÁN.- After the complicated panorama that the fishing sector is currently experiencing due to the lack of support, businessmen and fishermen have decided to desert this activity, because it is unaffordable, said the president of the Union of Shipowners of the Pacific Coast, Jesús Omar Lizárraga Manjarrez.

The leader stated that there are already those who have sold their fishing units, and others preferred to leave them abandoned, rather than being eaten away by the sea and time.

However, he said, he does not know the exact number of boats, whose skippers and fishermen have already deserted the activity.

He said that some freezing plants have chosen to look for other alternatives, such as filleting fish, in order to continue generating sources of employment during the closure, and avoid temporarily closing.

“Many have already deserted the activity, the truth is that the activity is very complex and we look for other alternatives to employ people in other things, such as processing and filleting fish that is bought in the fishing fields. In addition, many have emigrated to construction, which is where there is employment”, mentioned Lizárraga Manjarrez.

The fishing leader pointed out that the people who provided the service to the fishing sector, specifically to the boats, do not have a job either and look for him in other sectors, such as a service lathe workshop or agricultural machinery and cranes used in construction.

“The netters have not started with the repairs of the fishing gear to the companies that provide them with services and that does not give them hope that the boats will go out to catch the next season that begins in mid-September,” he added. .

He indicated that the fishing dock is practically paralyzed, since there are no repair or maintenance works.

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Source: Christian Bernal from Punto MX on 2023-05-27 13:52:18

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