Edna Fong and Delia Barraza, Sinaloan businesswomen who built their companies successfully

Thursday 1 June, 2023
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Edna Fong Payan and Delia Barraza Sámano, two Sinaloan women who built their businesses from scratch and on their own, presented their success stories at an event held by the Women’s Secretariat of Sinaloa.

The event, which represented the cycle of a series of exhibitions called Mujeres Rescuando Sinaloa was organized by the state agency in charge of María Teresa Guerra Ochoa and was attended by the State Prosecutor Sara Bruna Quiñónez Estrada and the General Coordinator for the Promotion of Scientific Research and Innovation Carlos Karam Quiñones.

The success stories exhibition began with Edna Fong Payan, businesswoman who owns the Jaztea beverage company who has been the leader of the business union in the state and has received national projection.

Fong Payán started the iced tea company after the death of his father and after a season helping in the family business, a Chinese food restaurant. After studying architecture, he settled in Sinaloa for family matters and started what years later would be an important Sinaloan company.

Initially the tea was packaged and marketed by Edna Fong with the help of her relatives, but later it became a company with a national reach.

“I really like to balance what is my family, my business and my friends, I think that everyone who knows me knows very well what I say. I have always tried to make that balance, ”said the businesswoman.

“I did miss some things about them because of my travels, but I think that the satisfaction you have over time is great, in addition to the fact that as a businesswoman you can have your time and say ‘right now I can do this at such times’ That’s how I’ve tried to lead my life.”

In 2012, Edna Fong Payán was recognized by Expansión magazine, she was also the first woman to Sinaloa in occupying the position of management of Coparmex.

“I feel very satisfied with what I have done so far,” she said.

The talk continued with the intervention of Delia Barraza Sámano, a pharmacobiologist chemist who founded Delia Barraza Laboratories in 1994.

The company has been established with a national scope, having branches in Sinaloa and Lower California.

Barraza Sámano explained that he started his project without financial support, and it had moments when it faltered, but it remained and consolidated itself as a relevant Sinaloan firm.

“Money was one of the challenges I overcame. I have always had in my head that you have to make things happen, ”she said.

“With or without money you have to see how you are going to do it. Don’t tell me why you couldn’t, tell me how you did to achieve it. You have to do things as well as possible and in addition the rest comes”.

At the end of the presentation of their stories, both businesswomen were recognized by the Women’s Secretariat with written certificates.

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