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Friday 2 June, 2023
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Despite being known in México, the United States and Europe, Alberto Pedraza he does not forget who he is, where he comes from, nor the people who were with him in the most difficult moments.

Pedraza is known as the “King of the sound music”, but for him, that is only a name, since what is best is to continue entertaining and living with the public that saw him grow.

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“I am human, God the Father gave me the privilege of being musician, composer and I am with my people, you have to give everything to the public, be it at any level, I always try to be with my people from the neighborhood, those who saw me born, that is why I am with them whenever I can and I come to Tepito to entertain them with my music”, affirmed Pedraza in an interview with El Sol de México.

His path in the industry began at the age of 12, his first job was in a band where he spent five years playing songs from the Sonora Matancera; then he joined another group where he stayed for 25 years, until he finally went solo.

For 22 years his name has been heard in different sonidero dances; His music has enlivened parties in neighborhoods as well as in large halls. “The cumbia del cuervo”, “La cumbia gabacha”, “La cumbia de las estrellas”, “Corazón solitario”, “Hoy vi a la negra”, “La cumbia callejera”, are some of the songs that make up his discography.

And, although this year he celebrates five decades of career, the native of Town of San Juan de Aragon, in México City, he assured that it has not been easy to get to where he is, especially because of the bad vibes he has received in his environment.

“It has been a very difficult career, there is everything, I went through many beautiful things, but also many not so beautiful, they were really low, I started from the bottom, there were many obstacles for me, they did not want me to stand out, I suffered envy, bad plays , but we fight against all that and, in the end, we are turning 50 and that is the most beautiful thing, thanks to God the Father who gave me this privilege,” he said.

As part of his celebration, Pedraza will perform on June 4 at the Metropolitan Theater with his Rhythm, Flavor and Cumbia Tour where he will also be accompanied by his daughters Grissy and Danilu Pedraza.

In this show, the Mexican will cover his greatest hits, but now doing duets with artists from other genres such as Dr. Shenka, Santa Fe Klan, Raymix, María Barracuda, Mariana Seoane, among others.

“The cumbia sonidera right now it is regaining strength like 20 or 50 years ago, when it was at its peak, but now that style of music thanks to sounders who have been part of this movement,” he said.

As an advance, Pedraza appeared a few days ago in the heart of tepito, in the Barrio Bravo, in the middle of Tenochtitlán street, very close to the tennis market. On Sundays, young people of different ages, even entire families, visit this flea market, the most popular in the country, either to purchase different products or have some micheladas, kitty chelas (beers in Hello! Kitty containers) or licuachelas, cocktails and beers served in blender jars).

In the midst of this atmosphere, Pedraza surprised passers-by with a small half-hour show case, where, together with his band, he performed songs such as “La guaracha saborona”, “Corazón enamorado” and “La cumbia of the poor”, among others.

There were dozens of people who met at the local Micheladas Johnny Bravo, most of them chose to record the moment, while some more decided to polish the track with typical cumbia sonidera steps.

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The body temperature rose with the dance, so the chelas went on strike to refresh the most active. Although it clouded over and a light breeze fell, this did not stop the audience from continuing to enjoy themselves.

Wearing a dress shirt and always with a smile, the singer projected himself to his audience and invited them to his next show.

Among Pedraza’s plans, in addition to presenting a new music would you like to make one bioseries of his life, in order for the public to know much more about his past, the shortcomings he suffered, as well as the path he has taken to become famous. Although it is still a dream, he is already collecting all the necessary information so that it can come true one day.

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