Fishing: Sinaloa has a threat of embargo by the United States

Friday 2 June, 2023
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Mazatlán. – The Governor of Sinaloa Rubén Rocha Moya, stated that both the government and the fishermen are on alert due to the threat of a commercial embargo from the United States to México, due to the illegal trafficking of totoaba.

He said this in the framework of the celebrations for the 81st anniversary of the Secretary of the Navy in México, whose event was attended by authorities from the three levels of government, naval and military,

And it is that, the Government of the United States issued an embargo alert considering that with the illegal fishing of totaba, the vaquita, an endangered species, is also captured as “accompanying fauna”.

However, he said, these types of threats serve to push the sectors involved towards better practices.

“It is a competition policy issue. Isn’t it time to open new markets? Yes, it is time to open new markets, even the president has expressed it, we have a Free Trade Agreement in North America, but that does not prevent México from having another market, ”he emphasized.

Rocha Moya stressed that all the clauses of the agreement of the so-called T-MEC contract must be complied with.

Since 2018, México has been sanctioned three times by the United States for the lack of measures to combat illegal fishing and protect marine species of great importance.

They will support fishermen from El Rosario

Rocha Moya declared that there will be support for the fishermen of the municipality of Rosario, so the issue of the purchase of machinery is still pending, the resource for this purchase is already labeled and the entire process will be carried out in the next few days .

“The Navy has helped us a lot in dredging the lagoon, but I agreed with them to give them their own machine,” he said.

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Source: Christian Bernal from Punto MX on 2023-06-01 16:37:14

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