taxi drivers in Sinaloa seek to use digital platform to compete with transport by application

Friday 2 June, 2023
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Taxi drivers and public transport operators announced that they will seek that in all Sinaloa a digital platform is used for users to request the service, and thus compete with transport by application.

with the platform Sinaloawhich is already used in Los Mochistaxi drivers aim to cover a larger market and make their business competitive.

“Announce support for a platform that is being worked on in Mochis, we want it to work here in taxis. We can give it a little more competition,” announced Flavio Rolando Ibarra Hernández, president of the Union of Urban Truck Transporters.

“The drivers with these platforms, we have to compete with all those.”

The platform Sinaloa would have three years operating in the city of Los Mochis and was designed by the taxi drivers union of the northern region of the state.

“That platform was made by the taxi drivers of a Mochis union, they are going to share it with the entire state,” he explained.

“We have to rescue the traditional taxi service.”

He stressed that the applications to request private transportation have affected the union of taxi drivers and urban truck drivers.

“Uber and Didis line up at truck stops offering passengers the service, and hitting urban transport,” he claimed.

He revealed that in the Sinaloan capital a large number of taxi drivers left their jobs since 2014, the year in which Uber began operating in Sinaloa.

Ibarra Hernández explained that in the case of taxi drivers, they have to pay a series of certifications and permits on a monthly basis in order to operate. Unlike the rest of private transport services.

“We pay 480 pesos each month for a permit, we pay for a training course, we pay for the badge. The Uber and Didi platforms roam freely, they don’t take permission,” she said.

Faced with this situation, the carrier requested the support of the Governor Rubén Rocha Moya so that the Platform Sinaloa operate throughout the state.

“We have to ask the Governor to help us solve this problem, which is old,” he said.

He regretted that due to the lack of demand, taxi drivers have not been able to renew their units, which translates into loss of passengers.

“He doesn’t go out to buy another one, the spare parts are expensive, the gasoline is expensive, and we don’t get it,” he said.

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Source: from Noroeste Culiacán on 2023-06-01 11:31:07

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