There is evidence that the Navy was not at the scene of the murder of two young people in Guasave: Commander

Friday 2 June, 2023
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There is evidence that the Navy was not at the scene of the murder of two young people in Guasave: Commander


In response to reports from residents and relatives that allegedly elements of the Secretary of the Navy detained and murdered two young men in the municipality of Guasave in May, the Commander of the Eighth Naval Region, Admiral Javier Abarca García, assured that there is evidence that personnel of that institution was not in that place.

“We already have the evidence that the personnel was not in the place, however, we are, as you mention, internally collecting all the information to provide it to the State Attorney General’s Office in that investigation folder that you already have,” he added. Abarca García in an interview after the celebration of the 106th anniversary of the nationalization of the Mexican Navy and the 81st celebration of the National Navy Day.

As reported at the time, on May 23 at the El Tamarino Union, José Alfredo and Alejandro Guadalupe, aged 28 and 20, were arrested and one of them managed to send a message saying that elements of the Navy He detained them, but hours later their bodies were found with traces of torture in the vicinity of the community of Palos Verdes, Guasave.

Neighbors and family members held a demonstration and blocked the access and exit of Semar elements in Boca del Río, in the same municipality of Sinaloa.

Admiral Abarca García also announced that Semar personnel continue at that Base of Operations and work closely with the State Attorney General’s Office, which already has an investigation folder and is attentive to any request made.

“They have already made us a request and we are in the process of providing all the information that the authority requires of us, …internally of course it is done, because once information is obtained internally it is what is provided to the ministerial authority that is requesting it from us,” he continued.

Given the recent arrest of people in that area with apparently apocryphal Navy uniforms, he said that it is part of the follow-up, but he is not sure if it is the same investigation folder.

“But also in this case of the uniforms, the Secretary of State Public Security made these uniforms available to the ministerial authority so that, in coordination with the Navy, it can be determined if they are apocryphal uniforms or without uniforms in some way that they are for private use by dependency”, continued the Commander of the Eighth Naval Region.

“Of course (I put my hands in for the staff), our staff trust that we act with duty, honor and loyalty to fulfill our mission and if we have some information, as we have stated to the ministerial authority, we would be the first to promote it.”

He reiterated that material has also been seized, specifically uniforms, most of them fake and some used by the Navy, but somehow they belong to personnel who have been discharged due to desertion, who have somehow been stolen by personnel who he went down.

“But we do have the information that there are allegedly personnel from other areas that are not from the Navy who wear uniforms, they have been seen there and I think that it is part of the investigation folder to define responsibilities in that sense that there was armed civilian personnel wearing apocryphal uniforms or uniforms belonging to the unit itself,” he stressed.

But he said that so far he has no information that former sailors have joined organized crime.

“We do have a follow-up, a control of the people who at one time were in the active navy and who for some reason left on leave, we keep a follow-up and we are in the best disposition to gather information as to whether they could have any performance or that they could have worn a uniform, we are in this internal process to give the information to the authority”, he reiterated.

He also expressed that desertion at Semar is not high and he believes that the staff is sufficiently motivated and has a sufficient spirit of service to remain in that institution.

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