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Saturday 3 June, 2023
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This Tuesday was inaugurated the General Assembly of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and composers (CISAC)which was attended by representatives of 90 author societies from around the world, including Martín Urieta and Roberto Cantoral Zucchi, president and general director of the Society of Authors and Composers of México.

The president of the organization, Björn Ulvaeus who was also founder of the group ABBA highlighted that his management has three great challenges related to technology, but currently the biggest has to do with the arrival of the artificial intelligence (AI).

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“It presents us with a series of opportunities and threats. We know she’s coming and we can’t stop her, she raises a lot of questions,” she said in his inaugural speech. “The idea of ​​having a musical piece that it has not been touched by human hands is terrifying, although we will always have the live performances. As long as they’re not animatronics.”

He musician He stressed that during the meeting he held with Andrés Manuel López Obrador last Wednesday, he addressed this issue in search of solutions that allow societies worldwide to face the imminent incursion of the AI in the industry.

“We need the support of governments, and that creators understand their rights. We require access to those items,” he noted. “The future is here, ladies and gentlemen, the AI is changing the rules of creators. My message is that we cannot sit idly by and wait to see what happens, we must find solutions”.

To give a broader picture of this problem, he explained that even with the intervention of a producer, the AI they have the ability to detect the weak points of a composition, as well as mix the original voices with other artificially created ones, which makes it difficult to identify the original works.

The native of Gothenburg, Sweden, stressed that another point to defend is the issue of royalties for composers Well, although today the digital platforms allow anyone to distribute their music“The biggest challenge right now is for creators to be easily identified, as the profits are not coming directly to them.”

As he recalls, when he began his career with ABBA (in 1972) did not have the challenges of artists of this generation, who have their work in different applications, but without significant earnings.

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“In the world streaming we need a new deal for creators. Only a decade and a half ago the subscription model came to the rescue of the music industry. But sadly today that world is full of problems,” she stated.


In his meeting with the media, Roberto Cantoral shared that part of the conversation with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed the issue of the bill that seeks to establish a contribution to device manufacturers or importers to allow the copying or sound reproduction visual or audiovisual of his known works.

“We are also seeking recognition and compensatory remuneration for private copying from all device manufacturers, which already have more than 74 countries. Why is México, having such a relevant culture worldwide, not up to this? We have to fight for this, ”she finished.

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