Producers from 20 states will seek to enter La Mañanera

Saturday 3 June, 2023
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Producers from 20 states will seek to enter La Mañanera

In a last effort to try to achieve a solution through dialogue on fair prices for the commercialization of corn, wheat and sorghum, representatives of 20 states of México will travel next Tuesday June 6 to México City and they will seek to enter the National Palace to participate in La Mañanera and there to raise directly before President AMLO the urgency that fair prices for their crops be approved.

Baltazar Valdez Armentía, president of the United Campesinos de Sinaloa pointed out that this agreement was reached by consensus by the representatives of the various states, with the understanding that if there is no response, they would have no other way than to resume pressure measures, but this time in a more energetic way. .

It should be noted that the first actions undertaken were to march peacefully from Valle del Carrizo to the state capital, where they presented their proposals to the governor Ruben Rocha Moya and later the seizure of access to the Pemex plants in Topolobampo, Guamúchil and Culiacán, which they released upon receiving an offer from the Secretary of the Interior that he would intervene to find a solution to the grain marketing problem.

Valdez Armentía pointed out that initially they offered to give them an answer in a week, for a second week has already passed and since there was no answer, they agreed to seek the direct intervention of the president, but with the understanding that if they do not achieve anything either, they already agreed that they will radicalize again the protest actions, but this time in a more energetic way.

Among the new actions that they would contemplate carrying out, in this new phase of protests, would be the seizure of the ports of Topolobampo and Mazatlán to prevent more corn imports from being carried out, as well as the seizure of some highways.

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Source: Javier Vega from DEBATE on 2023-06-02 17:59:39

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