Remains found in the ravine coincide with some of the young people who disappeared in Zapopan, confirmed the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office

Saturday 3 June, 2023
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The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office reported that some of the remains found in a ravine in Zapopan, Jalisco, have the characteristics of young people who worked in a call center and were reported missing.

The authorities have already informed the relatives of the young people of these findings; however, they stressed that forensic results must be awaited to confirm the identity.

“Yesterday’s findings in the Mirador Escondido neighborhood in Zapopan, regarding indications of unidentified deceased persons, which in a cross-section of preliminary information coincided with the physical characteristics of some of the young people who are being sought, which was done of knowledge to the relatives and we will be waiting for the Jalisciense Institute of Forensic Sciences to issue the corresponding opinions that confirm the identity of the bodies,” the prosecutor’s office reported.

The agency reported that they are still working in the area because they have not finished removing all the bodies found in said ravine, located in the El Mirador neighborhood.

“The work will continue until the collection of evidence is completely exhausted, even in complex conditions due to the depth and slope.”

During the search for the seven missing call center workers in Zapopan, the Jalisco State Attorney General’s Office found 45 bags with human remains in a ravine north of the city.

In a statement, the agency reported that after carrying out various search operations for the missing youths on two farms in the Jardines Vallarta and La Estancia neighborhoods in Zapopan, Investigative Police managed to obtain information on the possible location of evidence in a ravine, where they were found. located several bags with anatomical segments.

Disappeared in Zapopan

Since May 22, the Zapopan authorities have received reports of the disappearance of five young people who worked in a call center. Subsequently, these five workers were joined by two more complaints, made between May 23 and 27.

The disappeared are the brothers Itzel Abigail and Carlos David as well as Carlos Benjamín, Arturo, Jesús Alfredo, Mayra Karina and Jorge Miguel.

The Jalisco Attorney General’s Office conducted a search of two properties related to the disappearance of the seven workers of the alleged call center.

Through a statement, the agency reported that various objects were seized at the site, such as lists of names and contact information, blackboards with names of foreigners and economic goals; a bag with green vegetables, as well as a plastic cup also with green vegetables.

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