There is no record of the Acquisitions Committee for the purchase of vehicles that ‘El Químico’ raffled off

Saturday 3 June, 2023
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There is no record of the Acquisitions Committee for the purchase of vehicles that the then Municipal President Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres raffled off in the celebration of Mother’s Day in 2022, reiterated the current Mayor of Mazatlán, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, who was the Secretary of “The Chemist”.

“The hard data of what happened, of the fact, because obviously this involves a procedure and within the procedure in any case there should be a minute of the Acquisitions Committee, with or without a session because you can see that before the sessions were not held, it was This is very practical, but that act does not exist, ”said González Zataráin this Friday morning before media personnel.

“Then there is therefore no agreement from the Procurement Committee, if it does not exist then obviously it was a direct purchase, a direct purchase is an instruction to the Treasurer to purchase, which I know because we obviously knew about the fact until We did not see the vehicles there, how we bought them, because we did not know until now what it turns out, in particular at that time I was not in charge of procedures of this type ”.

Last Thursday, June 1, Benítez Torres was charged with the crime of irregular performance of the public function for the purchase of two sedan-type vehicles and five motorcycles for a total amount of 575 thousand 395 pesos that were raffled and given away in the celebration of the Mother’s Day last year.

After the defense of the former Mayor and former Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa requested duplicity for the resolution of his legal situation for 144 hours, it will be in a hearing on June 6 at 10:00 a.m. when in Room A of the Center for Accusatory and Oral Criminal Justice in the Central Zone when they will determine whether or not to dictate auto subject to process.

González Zataráin said that at that time, when he was the Secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, he was not in charge of procedures of this type.

”He was part of the (Procurement) Committee, but since he had not gone through the Committee, logically he was not aware because he had not gone through the Committee and at that time they had asked us that whoever wanted to, it was not mandatory, to contribute, support with some gifts were made, the officials, we did it, each one contributed what they wanted and could, I clarify, it was not mandatory ”, the Mayor reiterated.

“And in the case of this procedure there is a very important piece of information, one more vehicle is delivered on the day of the raffle that the man says: there is one more vehicle (apart from the one that was originally intended for the raffle), then we are going to buy it, tomorrow, Monday or something like that, it’s out there on video, well tell me if that has a procedure, I’m raffling off something that I haven’t bought yet and I’ve already raffled it off, well there’s no procedure”.

He recalled that it is a matter of acquisitions that were made without the procedures and that when the complaints arrive, the blame begins, but it is very simple, there is an order, who gave it and there is a purchase, who made it.

”It is a matter there of these acquisitions that were made without these procedures that when the things of complaints arrive, the blame begins and they begin to, but it is very simple: there is an order, who gave it and there is a purchase, who He did it, period”, stressed the Mayor.

He also stated that the procedure where he denounced that his signature was falsified in the act for the acquisition of luminaires from Azteca Lighting is progressing well and the corresponding authority still needs to issue the resolution.

Due to the contracts for the direct acquisition of luminaires from that same company, the now former Mayor Benítez Torres and other former officials are also facing complaints and the replacement of 60 million pesos that he gave in advance for the direct acquisition contract of 2,000 is requested. 139 luminaries for about 400.8 million pesos, which was later said to have been terminated.

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