They invite to slaughter cattle and pigs in Rastro TIF for better product quality

Saturday 3 June, 2023
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They invite to slaughter cattle and pigs in Rastro TIF for better product quality


A call to people who still do not use the services of the Mazatlán Federal Inspection Type Trail to slaughter cattle and pigs in that place for better product quality, made the director of said facility, Felipe de Jesús Tirado Sandoval.

He added that currently the activities in the TIF Trail located near the town of El Vainillo, south of Mazatlán, are normal, with a slight increase, but in general it is normal.

“The slaughter is normal, it is stable and we are there providing all the service, every month it is sustained, when it rises a little more it is the months of December, which is when we have more visits from foreign people and in this way the number of people increases more. killed”, continued Tirado Velarde in an interview this Friday morning after holding a private meeting with Mayor Édgar González Zataráin.

“We have a normal slaughter average of 70 cattle a day and pigs an average of 40 a day more or less, we are still stable, we are inviting people to go and make the sacrifice with us to give them the best care we can there, some colleagues they are already visiting, but the call is for everyone, to go and sacrifice there for a better quality of the product”.

He specified that in said Rastro all the quality of the animals is certified from the transfer, the traceability, the origin of the animal, the documentation, its health and its quality.

“Well, we are stable, even killing what is normal,” he reiterated.

Tirado Velarde expressed that it is the responsibility of the respective authority to investigate whether or not there are clandestine traces in Mazatlán, and in the TIF Trace they are working and attending to the people who are going to request the sacrifice, what happens outside are the corresponding authorities who can give a diagnosis of that.

He expressed that in the meeting with the Mayor a budget issue was discussed, fortunately everything is favourable, everything is fine, there are good expectations.

The also former president of the Local Livestock Association of Mazatlán stated that in this municipality, fortunately, the impact of the drought has not been much affected because last year was more or less good.

“But from here on if the drought lengthens, that’s when it starts to hit, sometimes they are delayed until July, until now it does start to suffer, but from now on it worsens and the rains lengthen when it doesn’t rain all June, it just rains all of July, that’s when the problem starts, in some cases it’s already starting to fail, but you can still say that it’s fine”.

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Source: from Noroeste Mazatlán on 2023-06-02 17:30:56

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