Ventura Quartet will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a concert this Saturday

Saturday 3 June, 2023
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Culiacan, Sinaloa.– The Culiacan public is invited to be part of an exciting celebration together with the Ventura Quartet. The musical group is celebrating its 25th anniversary and to commemorate this important achievement they will offer an unforgettable concert this Saturday, June 3 at 8:00 p.m., at the Pablo de Villavicencio Theater.

Music of the world

Over the years, the Ventura Quartet has established itself in the musical genre of Latin folklore. The integrated grouping por Leoncio Bernal Amador, Alfonso Bernal Amador, Mario Norberto Velarde Felix and Mario Benicio Camacho has always tried to stay true to his original sound.

“In México there are some genres that have already become classics, such as the bolero and the ranchero, in which we are experts. And they are the ones that have given us the most satisfaction because they have opened doors for us in other countries”, commented Leoncio Bernal.

Paying tribute to the songs they have performed over 25 years and new musical genres they have experimented with along the way, the Ventura Quartet will offer an international repertoire during their concert this Saturday.

“We have been fortunate to travel to several countries in Europe and the United States, there are many lessons learned on each trip and we want to capture it in our repertoire. Which includes songs sung in different languages, such as Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish”, shared the musician.

Despite the long years they have spent together, the Ventura Quartet is more motivated than ever to continue sharing their love of music with the public. “Really our goal here in México is not commercial, it has become more cultural,” Bernal said.

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Source: Paulina Villaverde from DEBATE on 2023-06-02 06:49:21

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