With state funds they support producers

Saturday 3 June, 2023
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The Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Víctor Villalobos, reported that, in view of the disappearance of the National Agricultural Development Fund, the federal government, through Instituted Trusts in relation to Agriculture (Fira) and the state administrations, have given to the task of creating local guarantee funds to support producers.

An example is the state of Sinaloa, where Fira contributed 150 million pesos and the state government with an equal amount; The official said that so far 11 funds have been created in the same number of states.

“Fira has been absorbing part of the portfolio that producers bring and has been negotiating some agreements with state governments to create guarantee funds that allow them to access credit from Fira or from commercial banks,” he explained.

In an interview at the end of the celebration of World Milk Day at the agency’s facilities, Villalobos indicated that this process “has been taking place in some states, more than in others” in agreement with Fira and the Ministry of Agriculture.

So far there are eleven federal entities that have these agreements, “with which the producers will have that access to credit through these funds of liquid guarantees.”

He assured that the funds are created specifically to cover the needs of the states, mainly small producers.

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