Do you like chilorio? Careful! Profeco exposes the brands with the most amount of salt

Sunday 4 June, 2023
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18 products of chilorio, cochinita pibil and chicharrón with sauce which are marketed packaged in México were submitted to a study by the Federal Consumer Attorney (prophecy) and these are the brands that contain more salt well it is a risk to the health excess sodium intake.

He National Consumer Protection Laboratory analyzed, five products of cochinita pibil nine chilorios (four pork, two soy, two turkey and one chicken), and four pork rinds in sauce

In the results of the analysis, the Laboratory indicated that Eating too much sodium can cause cerebrovascular accidents, cardiovascular diseases, decreased amount of calcium in the body and inadequate function of the kidneys.

Brands with more sodium

the brands SINALOA Soy with spices, chilorio (México) in presentation of 250 g., and GREAT VALUE pork chilorio (México) 215 g., top the list of those that contain more sodium, with 1,189 mg/100g in the first case and 724 mg/100g in the second.

In the “sodium detector” there are also, among others, the following products:

CHATA, pork rinds in green sauce (México) 215 g (656 mg/100g)

LA SIERRA, pork rinds with green sauce (México) 330 g (629 mg/100g)

CHATA, cochinita pibil, seasoned pork leg (México) 215 g (600 mg/100g)

CHATA, Chilorio The Original (México) 215 g (586 mg/100g)

LA SIERRA, cochinita pibil (México) 250 g (576 mg/100g)

GREAT VALUE, Turkey Chilorio (México) 215g (520mg/100g)

SINALOA, cochinita pibil 100% pork (México) 250 g (520 mg/100g)

SINALOA, Spiced Pork, Chilorio (México) 215g (509mg/100g)

Take care of your health!

The Profeco highlights that consuming foods high in sodium is not recommended for health, since it can lead to diseases that risk health and economy. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not consuming more than two grams a day, which is equivalent to five grams of salt.

In the products it was verified that the content declared on the label was correct and the nutritional contribution per 100 grams of product was corroborated, corroborating the protein, fat and carbohydrate content, as well as the calorie contribution.


other findings

Other results showed that the brand COCINA DE PIEDRA, (México) 250 g places pork rinds as the first ingredient when it is not. It also claims to be 100% pork, but the chicharrón is pork skin and not meat.

A couple of cases present sentences that did not prove:

SINALOA, spiced soy, chilorio (México) 250 g, with “Healthy and delicious meat substitute”

LA SIERRA Pork rinds with green sauce (México) 330 g, with “Taste and quality made as a snack. We make the Best Pork Chicharrón…”

There are products that add butter or oil in their preparation, so it is necessary to moderate their consumption; while some add sugars, syrups or juices as part of their ingredients; reading labels is also recommended.

The Profeco recommends: prefer fresh foods; avoid the use of artificial seasonings; test the point of salt until the end of the preparation of your food; season your dishes with spices and aromatic herbs; do not add salt before you have tasted the food; don’t put the salt shaker on the table and check the packaging, since if it is bulged, do not consume the product.

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Source: David Ortega from DEBATE on 2023-06-03 13:41:54

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