Entrepreneurship in the classroom causes a furor in social networks

Sunday 4 June, 2023
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If you used to see students sell sweets in the classroom, we inform you that students affirm that this has gone out of style, because they renewed the entrepreneurship in a very peculiar way that few had imagined, therefore, it became trend immediately.

It was through the TikTok social network, where the account ‘@rosazaragozag‘, revealed a new type of entrepreneurship in the classroom leaving aside the classic sale of sweets, to offer something more impressive to his classmates, who are also customers.

If they thought a special place was needed to do tarot reading, some boys took it to another level, by implementing it in the classroom.

Although it is not well seen by the institutions, that students carry out small enterprises, thanks to social networks it has been revealed that these initiatives are carried out to acquire economic income and thus cover the expenses of the schools.

Before the new marketing strategies To promote businesses, some entrepreneurs do not need to place sales, liquidations or promotions to attract consumers, it was enough with some special letters.

Rosa Zaragoza, when sharing the shocking video, wrote: “selling sweets is in the past, today is” later he taught young people to do tarot reading, so in a couple of days, he already has almost 4 million views.

In the viral case that goes around the internet, it is shown that since there was not a teacher or professor in the classroom, the young people took advantage of their free time to put cards on the table and a candle.

Being in the middle of letters next to the board with symbols, did the esoteric practices, to predict and say how face the situations that fate brings to their schoolmates.


Shall I read you the letters? Students stop selling sweets in the classroom and open a peculiar business

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Source: Ciria Guadalupe Alarcón Sandoval from DEBATE on 2023-06-03 19:04:24

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