People with HIV join the march of sexual diversity in Culiacán

Sunday 4 June, 2023
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People with HIV join the march of sexual diversity in Culiacán


CULIACÁN._ A group of people living with HIV join the tenth march of the LGBT community in Culiacán for the first time to demand dignified treatment and respect for their human rights.

The founder of the Sevihve collective, Jonathan Carrillo, stated that the inclusion of those who carry the virus in the celebration of sexual diversity is a historical fact.

“We are waiting for visibility, for people to talk, we have already been working on the issue for about two years, personally I work more closely and it is to make it visible and put the point of HIV on the table, that it is a subject that is discussed without taboos and without stigmata”.

The members of the collective demonstrated with posters that read “Pride without people living with HIV was impossible”, “In Sinaloa the human rights of people living with HIV continue to be violated” as a protest.

The founder of Sevihve affirmed that his rights are violated mainly due to issues of misinformation about the disease, for which they stood up in the demonstration in order to demystify.

In Sinaloa There is a delay in the matter of human rights for people living with HIV due to prejudice and lack of knowledge, according to Jonathan Carrillo.

“We are penalized in the penal code for living with HIV, we cannot get married because we live with HIV, the National Human Rights Commission has already sent a notification to the State Government and the State Congress to make a regulation of that law and they haven’t done it,” he reported.

As of this Saturday, Jonathan assured that he does not intend to stop fighting for justice and legal equality, since for years those who carry the virus have experienced undeserved differences.

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