Producers face delays to sell their crops: AARC – El Sol de Mazatlán

Sunday 4 June, 2023
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Producers face delays to sell their crops: AARC – El Sol de Mazatlán


Culiacán, Sin.- After the advance of program purchase and storage of corn, producers point out that it is an unprecedented event in modern history, and they are facing processes dilatory and with excuses from the state authorities as Segalmex to be able to access the guaranteed price program.

Faced with these difficulties, producers are being affected in the commercialization of the crops and undermining the efforts of the farmers for profit in your job.

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These doubts of uncertainty have been occurring after this week producers and officials of Segalmex held a meeting at the Association of Farmers of the Culiacán River.

Enrique Riveros Echavarria president of the Agricultural Association, said that the producers suspect that the authorities are not prepared to provide answers clear and concise which indicates that the operating rules of the program were elaborate without taking into account the experience accumulated over the years as grain receiving centers.

“The question remains about what will happen to producers who own 0 to 15 hectares and who have already delivered their harvest. According to SEGALMEX they will not be eligible, but they cannot simply be excluded“, he pointed.

He stressed that the situation is very complicated and the warehouses are about to fill up, in addition to the fact that there are no sales and the buyers’ offers are very low, around 5 thousand 100 pesos.

Riveros Echavarría explained that the producers They don’t want to sell at those prices, but they have no other option if the warehouses fill up, you will have to stop receive and that is what is happening in most of the cases.

Likewise, the agricultural leader regretted that the authorities agricultural are focused solely on the two schemes designed, without seeking profitable prices for the rest of the 4 million tons that are being freely traded.

In addition, he mentioned that many are being excluded producers who own up to 15 and 50 hectares, due to a series of obstacles in the wineries.

“This means that will only reach less than 2 million tons at a price of 6 thousand 965 pesos per ton. all these situations that we are witnessing, we already saw them coming from the beginning, but they did not care ”he detailed.


He president of the AARC noted that the new system implemented It is heavily flawed and is being modified on the fly; the situation has reached a critical point where the smallest producers are forced to sell their crops on the free market at low prices, since they have no other alternative in the absence of adequate accompaniment.

He added that they have reported cases in which corn has been rejected by considered of low quality, according to the reviewers in charge of give his approval to each truck analyzed in the warehouses.

Riveros Echavarría stressed the need in a prompt solution to these problems, since the situation current is untenable for corn growers.

“It is crucial that authorities governments and Segalmex listen to the concerns and experiences farmers, and work together to implement measures effective that support producers and guarantee fair and profitable prices for their crops“, accurate.

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